Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jim's Pancakes

This guy is one of the coolest dads I've ever seen. He designs all sorts of pancake wonders for his daughter's breakfast.

Such creations are...

3D T-Rex,

a carousel,

a ferris wheel,

and some quite realistic looking bacon and eggs!

He uses squirt bottles in order to create such detailed pancakes that are works of art. Much thought and planning go into the execution of each and every pancake. Inspires me to try my hand at "jazzing" up breakfast pancakes, like this piano inspired creation...

Super fun, huh?

Check out his blog here.


  1. How fun! My dad used to make creative pancakes for us. (Who am I kidding, he still does when we go home!) He uses a plastic bag with the corner cut off. However, I can't believe the Ferris wheel or dinosaur! Thats amazing.

  2. wow. That's amazing. I don't understand the dinosaur or the carousel. How are they standing up?

  3. If you look at his blog, you can see how he pieced the dinosaur together. Built all separate like those 3D wood figures...cool cool!