Friday, October 01, 2010

{rentrer} French Word of the Week

rentrer = to come home

For my first French WOTW post, I figured it was only appropriate to share a verb which perfectly describes a recent Black family event.

Michael's brother Leland just returned from his LDS mission to Leeds, England, as of last night!

I'd never met him in person until last night's return, only skyping on Christmas and Mother's Day. I'm really enjoying getting to know him, listening to his British accent, and look forward to much fun in the future.

It's kinda neat to feel the family be "whole" again. You can tell that everyone is happy to have him back and that his being home really completes the family :)

Bienvenue a la maison, Leland!


  1. Hey Rebecca,

    How did you add those tabs on your blog? I love the idea!

  2. Thanks Allyson! How are you?

    To add the tabs, you go into your page layout and add the "Pages" gadget. It should be pretty self-explanatory after that I believe! :)