Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Recap

So much has happened in the Black Family this year. We have loved (almost) every minute of it. Michael and I have grown even closer and more in love through everything we've experienced. I can only imagine that next year will be just, if not more, busy and exciting!

Here's a little recap of what we've done this year.

January/Janvier: Moved from Layton to Logan so Michael could begin his Master's program in Management Information Systems and I could finish my double music major.

February/Février: We both were called into the Young Men and Young Women program in our ward. Those teenagers have taught us so much and have been quite the experience to learn how to best teach them how important the gospel is in their lives. Our testimonies have been strengthened.
March/Mars: I performed my Senior Vocal Recital at USU in the Performance Hall! One hour of just me, singing my little heart out. It was fun and I wore a red dress. Loved it. (Oh, and there were some really pretty flowers too).

April/Avril: Michael turned 26. Man, he says he feels so old, but I assure you, he's not. He's silly, fun, kind, and as boyish as ever. We celebrated with a BIG kid-themed party. It was a blast!

May/Mai: We celebrated our 1st anniversary! Michael was able to finally eat our wedding cake (not being able the day of our wedding because of his sickly presence, hehe). Still the best wedding day story ever. Anyway, who knew the time could fly by so quickly? We're almost to anniversary number 2!

June/Juin: Summer was here! We went camping, I planted a garden of veggies and flowers, our friends Andy and Dani got married, and we were best man and maid of honor. And we can't forget, we said goodbye to Michael's shaggy hair and cut it all off!

July/Juillet: Another busy month. I went to Young Women's camp for 3 days, kept my recipe group going with a "grill" theme, and saw Paul McCartney in concert. I cried at that last event from sheer excitement. Michael heckled, along with another guy friend, at Twilight: Eclipse when we went to see it in the theatre.

August/Août: Went to another wedding, made new couch pillows, enjoyed some of the fruits of our labors (from the garden), prepped for the new semester at USU.

September/Septembre: Started our final year at USU. We went to Yellowstone with some friends and saw Old Faithful along with lots of buffalo. We also went to Brigham City Peach Days and bought LOTS of peaches. And we made yummy creations with them. I started my French class, which sparked my French Word of the Week post (something I've been slacking on, resolution?!?).

October/Octobre: I turned 23. Now I feel OLD. I'm sure some of you are laughing out there, but here's the situation, I've never been this old before! It takes some getting used to! Michael and I also enjoyed the slightly cooler weather, running through the leaves, and Leland coming home from his mission to Leeds, England (the accent was adorable). Michael also threw me an amazing Halloween/Voodoo themed birthday party. It was the BEST.

November/Novembre: We started making soup because the cooler weather warranted it. Michael and I both got a nasty bit of the common cold. Stress from many factors led to a cold sore. My father passed away and we attended the funeral in Louisiana the week before Thanksgiving. We were both so grateful for eternal families. Love my dad and that he's not suffering. Pretty sure he's super busy on the other side. And yes, we celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Black family. Sweet deal on my leather boots from Black Friday.

December/Décembre: Finished the semester to much joy and relief. We decorated our home for Christmas and made hot fudge for our friend gifts. We also worked a lot and spent evenings at home snuggling. My best friend, Camille, returned from her mission to Puerto Rico!!! We babysat our nieces quite a bit and played with them, which was SO fun. Then we celebrated a nice Christmas with both the Rougeaus and Blacks, and received some really nice and thoughtful gifts (more on that in another post).

As you can see, it's been quite the year for us! As much as we loved many aspects of it, we're ready to put some things behind and move on to 2011. I'm sure it has many things in store for us. Let's just hope we're ready for it. I guess we'll just hold on for the ride.

We wish all our friends a Happy New Year!


  1. wow you have been busy! Congrats on everything you guys are awesome! What now?

  2. What a great year! Do you mind if I take your idea and use it on my blog :)?

  3. I love this post! You inspired me for my similar blog post!

  4. Go ahead friends! You can surely use this idea for your blog Emily! Thanks, we had fun and are excited for what is to come!