Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Michael and I finally decided what we are giving to our friends for Christmas!

Here's a hint as to what it is...

Sorry, can't actually show the full picture, we have to keep the element of surprise intact!

We're really excited about it though. I'll share ALL the good details once the gifts are handed out to our dear friends.

For now, you can just speculate as to what that sneak peek contains!

Hope you're all enjoying this Christmas season so far; I know that the Black family is! Now that finals are officially over for our 2nd to last semester, we can breathe, relax, and enjoy the holidays. It's really wonderful.

I have a GIANT list of books to read (Scarlet Pimpernel, Secret Garden, P&P, S&S, to name a few) as well as several seasons of Grey's Anatomy to watch. (I'm taking advantage of the Hulu Plus 1 week free trial and watching as many I can in that week!)

It's shaping up to be a wonderful Christmas break. We have big plans for sledding, snowboarding, taking a stroll through downtown Logan, sipping hot chocolate, spending time with friends and family, partying it up, decorating Christmas cookies, and fitting in some swimming and workouts in between all the food.

Also, I'm getting into, and helping others get into the Christmas spirit by singing twice this week! I'll be singing Sally Deford arrangements of two Christmas classics. Tonight, at our Relief Society Christmas Dinner, I'll sing Silent Night. And on Sunday for Sacrament Meeting, I'll sing What Child is This. It should be beautiful and fun. I haven't performed since my senior recital in March, and although these performances are NOTHING like my recital, I'm still excited to share my love for music with others.

Yep, as I'm listening to Ella sing Winter Wonderland, I can't help but feel all warm and cozy. Course, part of that warm and coziness might result from the fact that I'm currently snuggled in between the covers of our bed. Ah, the joys of the holidays!

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