Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Story of the Boots

Once upon a time, a boy named Michael tried to convince his wife Rebecca to buy some sexy black boots. She was not sure if she was ready to embark upon such a journey towards black leather, high heels, and zipper sides. Michael assured her that she could totally pull it off. She finally decided that after a few years of deliberation, it was time. And so, the hunt began...

The perfect pair of boots were found, at Macy's on Black Friday, but no stores in Utah had her size! The sales associates searched and found a list of stores all over the country that had a size 6 in stock. They tried to call for over half an hour, but were unable to get through, owing to the fact that this was the biggest shopping day of the year. So, numbers and information were given to Michael and Rebecca, along with instructions to call the stores themselves later in the afternoon.

When the pair reached home, Michael called a store in Santa Rosa, CA and was immediately able to get in touch with a sales associate there. The order was placed and the credit card charged $40 for boots that were originally $80. Free shipping was also included because of the Black Friday deal. The boots they were told, would arrive within a week.

A week passed and no boots had arrived. Eventually, Michael received a call from Macy's in Santa Rosa. The sales associated apologized for their mishap, stating that the order was placed, but instead of sending the boots directly to shipping, they were placed back on the shelf and forgotten about. For this grievance, they were prepared to offer two options as a remedy. Free 2-day Air shipping, or another 50% off the boots. Michael took the latter seeing as there was no rush for them to arrive and it was a better deal money-wise (standard shipping was still free).

So, all was taken care of and the boots arrived within another week, safe and sound onto Michael and Rebecca's doorstep. $20 for $80 sexy knee-length black leather boots (with a 4-inch heel). Rebecca was overjoyed and began arranging outfits to suit the new boots, along with mastering the art of walking in the highest heels she had ever worn before.

The End.


  1. What a great story! Thats a killer deal. I love the boots.

  2. LOVE IT!!!! And those are hot! Your description did not do them justice. :) Love you!