Monday, August 22, 2011

The Good Life Cookbook

I want this cookbook. Like, seriously, I not only want it, but I NEED it. It is beauty itself. The perfect combo of art and food. The photos are saturated and rich, not overexposed. And I love that the titles and words are made from food items, like flour and bread. It's just wonderful!
This cookbook is the latest from chef Adrian Richardson of La Luna Restaurant. If this cookbook is any indication of the kind of food I would be partaking of if I attended this restaurant, then I know where I'll be visiting if I'm ever in Australia!

I love that the tablecloth on the front cover is continued throughout the cookbook in the bookmark. What a cute little touch of gingham!

Oh my, it's just pretty. I love cookbooks, but if there ever was one to be IN LOVE with, I believe it's this one. Hope you're all having a nice start to the week.

The hubby and I are off to a wedding tomorrow in Manti, I'm sure we'll have pictures from that (of food and family) to share very soon!

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