Monday, August 15, 2011


 Over the next two days, Michael and will be officially be moving all our stuff out of our apartment here in Logan (farewell Utah State Aggies) and moving down to his parent's home in Taylorsville! We originally had planned to stay in Logan for the month of September, but decided to save some extra money from rent, utilities, etc. and Randy and Marlene had already said we could move in if needed. They'd actually told us that pretty soon after graduation, suggesting we do it sooner. But we still wanted some more of the summer in Logan and Michael's work was located here, so there was no reason to really move...until now. The company that Michael works for is actually relocating to Salt Lake, and it's perfect timing. We're really blessed that he will also be able to remote in to them while we are in Tallahassee, so there is still work for him to help support our family through our grand adventure down there.

Last night, when we left the Black house after bringing a load down for the weekend, Michael said, "Bye Roomie" to his dad and we all laughed. It's going to be a change to live with someone else while a married couple, but luckily we are incredibly comfortable with Michael's parents and they let us have our own "space" while being around them. Plus, they have plenty of room for us to stay and store the stuff we will be taking down to Florida.

I was worried about living with them at first because my pride didn't want to allow me to "depend" on parents for support EVER in our marriage. But Michael and I talked about it and he reminded me that it's not permanent, it's just a very small stepping stone until we're back in our own place. And he was right, it's not like we're destitute and can't make ends meet without support from family, we're just leaning on them a little right now. This is where I remember the reason we have family. To be there for each other and help in any way we can.

So today, I'm packing the last of our stuff in boxes, doing some cleaning, then we'll move the larger amount of furniture that's not going to Tallahassee to my mother's house tonight. Thankfully she has a two-car garage and only one car, so she's letting us store our unneeded stuff there. That's a relief! On Tuesday, Michael will be off work, and we will be loading everything else up to make the drive down to Taylorsville, most likely to NEVER live in Logan again. Crazy!

But I'm excited. We are ready to move on with life, past the college life and college town phase. Logan is beautiful and magical and special, but it's served its purpose for us. If it were larger and had more job opportunities for either of us, we'd consider moving back, but that's just not a reality. So, we'll make sure to come back and visit, because it really is beautiful and fun in the summertime! It's interesting to dream of what's going to happen after next May, once my internship is over. The basics have all been considered: home, baby, etc. But we've also considered a nice trip to France before we "settle" down in the family way! Personally, I think France sounds wonderful at Christmastime. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, since I'm going to be low on the cooking spectrum for the next few days, I thought I'd throw a little kitchen beauty and inspiration your way. Courtesy of Pinterest, where I find so much beauty and inspiration everyday. Love it. And love this little kitchen banquette, filled with bright colors in fabrics and plates, against the cream painted wood. Such a fun area to eat breakfast each morning, with the sunlight coming in through the window and fresh flowers nearby. Hope your week is starting out well, love ya!

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  1. What a blessing that Michael's work will let him work from home!! So nice when things fall into place! Just be careful, don't eat too much ice cream with those dairy lovin' in-laws! ;) So exciting to move on!