Thursday, August 04, 2011

Simple French Crêpes

I've been meaning to share this recipe for some time, but was a bit embarrassed at my lack of "put together" pictures for it. Well today, I bit the bullet and decided to post it anyway, awesome pictures or not!

Michael and I are huge fans of crêpes and we make them pretty often in our household. It's only appropriate with my ancestors being French and with Michael serving his mission in France, for us to love and eat crêpes A LOT! The recipe we used to use was from an old mission buddy of his, but the crêpes never turned out quite right. We played with it over and over, but couldn't get the ratios to what we wanted for our crêpes. So, I found a recipe on Stephmodo one day, and decided to try it. Instantly, we knew that we had found our "go-to" recipe for simple French crêpes. We tweaked it a bit by the addition of vanilla, which we feel takes them from great to the best!

Now you can serve these in whatever way you prefer, but I'll tell you just how we like 'em. For savory, you can't get any better than a simple "jambon et fromage" or ham and cheese. We like to take thin slices of good ham and layer them inside with a nice melty cheese (brie, emmental, and even a sharp cheddar are our favs). Now, there are so many combos for sweet, but we usually stick with the basic "bananes et Nutella", which we all know is perfection. But I can also go for a nice "fraises et crème fouettée" or strawberries and whipped cream. Throw a little powdered sugar on top and you've got an amazing dessert that you won't want to stop EVER.

Simple French Crêpes
(adapted from Stephmodo)

2 cups all-purpose flour
3 large eggs
1 pinch salt
1 tbs. vegetable oil
2 cups + 1 tbs. milk
1 tsp. vanilla

  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, starting with the wet ingredients first. 
  2. Mix until completely blended.
  3. Pour by 1/3 cup into a specialty crêpe pan or non-stick pan to form a very thin layer. 
  4. Cook just until you start to see small bubbles, then flip over in pan and cook opposite side.
- If you want less sweetness for more savory crêpes, you can omit the vanilla, but they are good for both sweet and savory in my opinion!

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  1. You inspired me to make crepes last week, though we call them "swedish pancakes" in our house :) It's basically the same recipe, too! I usually use wheat flour instead of white flour because Jeff prefers it that way, and surprisingly enough, they turn out just perfect either way!