Sunday, June 08, 2014

Jessica - 4 Months

Our girl is growing up right before our eyes. She is blossoming into such a precious and beautiful being. We are enamored of her at every stage and fall in love with her more and more each day!



 She must've thought the sneeze was funny because this was the shot right after she finished the sneeze. LOVE!

4-month stats:
14.15 lbs (57%ile)
 24.21 inches (42%ile)

 I love this shot because of the enormous amount of drool on her chin. No need to edit that out; we're keeping it real!

Exciting updates:
Jessica had her first "giggle fest" with me. It was so cute as she started laughing while nursing. So, I began to giggle and then we laughed back and forth for about 5 minutes. My heart filled with joy to hear that high pitched giggle over and over again!

She has started sleeping even longer at night (~13 hours) and I've had to go in and wake her because it's 9:30 am. And she's taking even longer daytime naps. Can we say growth spurt?

Jessica likes to grab my face and lips while nursing. This usually happens at the end of a feeding. She'll look up at me, smile, and then reach for any part of my face that she can touch and squeeze. I pretend I'm munching on her fingers and it's a grand ole time!

She's got some stranger danger, poor girl. She'll cry if some people talk to her or hold her (it seems to be middle aged women that she struggles most with...who knows why) and then needs to be comforted by her Mom or Dad.

Shots happened again this month. And, poor thing, she let out some pitiful cries in the doctor's office. And I teared up a bit when I was rocking and singing to her afterwards to get her to calm down. I know it's good for her to get her shots, but it's hard to see her hurt and not know why!

She's the queen of blowing raspberries and spit bubbles with them. We've had lots of drenched clothes lately!

Jessica is SO close to rolling from her back to her front. Basically anytime we put her down on her back, she rolls to her side almost instantly. Oh, and her legs go straight up in the air when we put her on her back. It's only a matter of time before she pulls those toes into her mouth!

Now that she's got really good head support and is getting even better at her trunk support, we've been able to bounce her on our laps and she just smiles and giggles every time. I love being able to play with her in more ways now that she's less "fragile"!

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