Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our First Mother's and Father's Day

We both really enjoyed our first holidays to celebrate being parents! How full and rich our lives are now that we have little Jessica in our lives. She brings so much happiness and a very sweet spirit into our home. Mother's Day weekend was filled going to buy plants and flowers for our garden and flower beds and getting them planted into the ground (my favorite part of Spring/Summer). Our yard is really starting to look beautiful after all the hard work we've put in since last year! Soon I'll have to do a post about the yard and new veggies we are experimenting with growing.

Father's Day weekend was an adventure as we took Jessica on her very first hike! I can say that she has started hiking way younger than I ever did. I think I was a teenager at Girls' Camp by the time that happened for me, so she's definitely ahead of the curve! She was such a trooper as she looked around and made funny "ooh" and "ahh" sounds along with blowing some pretty cute raspberries when she was really excited. Then, she fell asleep for a good portion of the hike back out of the canyon. 

Michael was also able to get a bike ride in AND Jessica and I got him some much loved and needed presents. They included a 12 inch cast iron skillet and a BBQ/Camping tool set for all his outdoor cooking, plus a little device from ThinkGeek that makes creepy sounds so he can play pranks on his coworkers while at the office. He's already used that little "EvilTron" (as it's called) to joke around with some of his friends at work!

What wonderful weekends they were and we cherish the memories we've made :)

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