Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Internship Thoughts

I've been researching possibilities for my Music Therapy internship lately and it really is exciting! I know that I want to work with geriatrics, so that's mainly where my focus has been throughout my search. There are so many opportunities ALL over the country, that it's difficult to narrow it down to just a few. Technically, I should only have 4 prospects at a time when on the internship search, so that helps a bit.

One thing that I'm really looking forward to for my internship is the possibility to live somewhere new. Michael and I both enjoy the idea of living outside of Utah (as we were both born and raised so), and this provides the perfect opportunity to do just that! I've found some promising locations in Virginia, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, just to name a few. The only geriatric location in Utah is right here in Logan, and even though that is a definite possibility, we are exploring as many options as possible.

All in all, we figure that even if we do end up back in Utah some day, we want to take advantage of this chance to live somewhere unique and to explore the world around us! [Preferably back East...] So, even though the search and applications can be stressful, we're finding that it can be fun too!

The prospect of something wonderful is ahead ;)


  1. Um, I thought Michael was born in Logan??

    So you have a preference out of the three choices? Good luck!

  2. That's true, he was born in Logan. I was trying to do a blanket cover of info for us both. Turned out a bit confusing, it seems!

    Not sure where exactly my preferences lie; I'm going to send out for more information from them and others, to get a real sense of where I would most like to be. Plus, consulting with my department head about locations and colleagues really helps too!