Friday, May 28, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

Michael and I were married in the Logan, Utah temple for time and all eternity!

What a wonderful day it was. Not that it wasn't filled with its share of "un"expectations. But it really was a beautiful day. I once had someone tell me that no matter what happens on "this, the day of your wedding" (quote that movie), whether it be good or completely catastrophic, the most important thing is that you are married in the temple at the end of the day.

And that is what happened. Most everyone remembers or knows about Michael's sickness on our wedding day and how that made it something to remember. But what has stayed with me is the fact that Michael and I were MARRIED. We chose to be married in the temple and made covenants with each other. The Spirit was there and we know that we made the right decision. That is more important that anything else in the world. As long as we are true and faithful, no matter what happens on this earth, we will be together forever!


Anybody who knows us, knows that it is "normal" for things to not turn out "normally". We make plans and many times, things don't turn out perfectly. That's life huh? Well, I want to share with you, as this goes along with our wedding, the story of our engagement and how it didn't turn out exactly as planned. Just like the wedding day ;)


It was February 28, 2009 and there was still snow on the ground in Logan. Michael and I were set to go on a date that night. He was supposed to pick me up, as usual, but at 10 minutes past the time he said he would be there, my phone rings. Michael said that he was sorry he was running late, but was wondering if I could just meet him at his apartment. This sounded a bit suspicious as Michael 1) Is never late and 2) Always picks me up for our dates, old fashioned style. But, I said I would be there in a few minutes and hung up the phone.

When I reached his apartment, I noticed that his car wasn't there, but went upstairs to the front door anyway. Taped to it was an envelope with my name on it. Michael had written a sweet message to me and told me to go to the Institute, and that I would find something else there.

I drove to the Institute and found another envelope, that talked about how we had taken a class together the previous semester. He told me how he started to fall in love with me as we would sit next to each other twice a week. Then the note told me to get something warm to wear. So, I got back in my car and headed to my mother's house.

I arrived at my mother's and there was another note telling me to meet Michael at the location of our first "real" date, which I knew was up Green Canyon. I drove up there and at first, didn't see anything. I figured he was teasing me or something because the last note had been a little odd and vague. Finally, I noticed a tiki torch with another envelope attached to it.

The note talked about how special our first date was and that there was a trail that Michael had lit for me, and I was supposed take the torch and to follow the trail. I didn't see the trail at first, so I went back to my car and sat for a second, trying to make sense of what he wanted me to do. I went back to the tiki torch and noticed, just a bit down the path, a trail of candles inside paper bags...lining a path in the snow. I grabbed the torch and started walking, in my "not so winter proof flats" through the snow.

Eventually, the trailed ended and I saw Michael, in a small camping area. He was chopping wood. I laughed a bit and said, "Hi!" He looked a bit startled and said, "What are you doing here?" We hugged for a minute and then chatted about his chopping wood. He then proceeded to tell me that I had to do some work and chop some wood for the fire. I turned around, looked at the pile, and said, "No way!" When I turned back around, Michael was on his knee, in the snow, holding out a GORGEOUS ring. (My favorite one, as a matter of fact, but more on that at another time). He asked me to marry him, and in what he said seemed like FOREVER, I said "Yes!" We kissed for a considerable amount of time and basked in the moment. It was wonderful.

Michael made a fire and we wrapped ourselves up in a blanket, cuddling and enjoying our time together as a newly engaged couple, many happy prospects ahead of us. Michael proceeded to tell me the story of his planning and all who were involved in making the night come to pass. Through our discussion, we realized that a couple of the notes had been placed at the wrong locations, and I, luckily had still ended up at the correct place. I had missed one note entirely, which was at Le Nonne, a really nice Italian restaurant that we went to for Valentine's Day. As a result of this missing, I was WAY ahead of schedule and Michael thought that he had about 10 more minutes until I was supposed to arrive. That's why he was still chopping wood! I was supposed to arrive with him already having a fire made, prepared and ready to propose to me.

This of course, did not happen, so he was a bit flustered when I arrived so early. But, he recovered very quickly and all was well! We eventually packed up because the fire was dying and we wanted to get to a warmer place. As we reached my car, which was the only one there because Michael's roommate had removed the Subaru so there was no evidence when I drove up, I realized that I had locked my keys in the car! Yep, we were standing, out in the snow and cold, recently engaged, and without a way to get inside my car. I ended up calling my mom and the phone call went something like this, "Hey Mom. So, I have good and bad news. The good news is that Michael and I are engaged! And the bad new is that I accidentally locked my keys in my car. Can you meet us and bring the extra set of keys so we can get in the car?" She laughed ALOT. Of course, she met us and we were able to get in the car and that was that.

All in all, it was a fun and exciting night and Michael was so creative in his way to propose to me. Even though the notes and my locking the keys in the car weren't perfect, it made for a special evening that is completely typical of us. I loved every second of it.

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