Thursday, July 29, 2010

Banana Pudding and Fireworks

On Tuesday night, a bunch of us got together to have a little party. I believe it was partially to celebrate our friend Andy's birthday (in a belated way) and also because we haven't seen the Satchwell's for a long time. They've been busy running back and forth from Logan to Salt Lake since they got married in May. And, most recently, their adventures have led them to sell fireworks at a stand throughout the month of July.

So, what more perfect way to celebrate than to have a get together with some good food and watch fireworks that they got for free from their recent endeavor? other way. That's what we all thought too.

I made a scrumptious and delectable banana pudding...

And everyone watched fireworks. Here are some of our favorites.

Loved it.

(Oh, if anyone would like my Super Easy Banana Pudding recipe, just let me know. I'm making a bunch for the attendees that evening, per their request, so I'm happy to make more if wanted.)


  1. I want your banana pudding recipe! Oh, and I have to work Friday night so I can't get together for girly time... dang! Our schedules are not on the same cycles!!!!

  2. This is insane! We will probably just have to wait until the semester kicks in, when we're more stressed, cause that seems like the ONLY time we ever get to see each other. Boo.

    On the other hand, you're fabulous and I love you. So...I'm going to make you a copy of the recipe. :)