Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Michael may roll his eyes when he reads this post, but I'm going to share a few thoughts from seeing this movie.

First off, my friend Shantai and her husband Brandon went with us to this movie on Monday night. Call it an impromptu double date FHE. Shantai was dropping off our tiki torch oil, left at her house from girl's camp, and then she told me how she was going to make Brandon go and see the movie that night. Perfect. I had already been trying to convince Michael not five minutes before to do the same thing.

We went out to dinner and prepared ourselves for a night of fun, love, vampires, and werewolves.

The boys tried to act all "bored" with the entire idea, but us ladies really knew they were excited for the movie. In fact, when Jacob emerged for the first time, fully clothed, Michael said to me, "Ahhh...why does he have his shirt on?!?"

That is just a glimpse of the cackles, heckles, and giggles that ensued from our group that night. I'll admit that there were some scenes which were even too cheesy for me. Very teenager-esque actually. I swear I don't remember the book being that almost gaggingly full of sappy one-liners. I know the entire "vampire/werewolf" plot is unrealistic, but the LOVE part being so much that way also? Ick.

Anyway, apart from the lack of genuine acting in a few areas and the screenwriters obvious need to speak to ONLY female teenagers across the world, I enjoyed the movie. The action was great, and parts of the storyline developed more than ever before.

I do have one last confession though. I have, and always will be a Team Edward fan, in my heart. But this has become an alliance which I only associate with the books. Hollywood's portrayal has, in fact, led me to become a Team Jacob fan. Not just because he takes his shirt off and looks pretty darn good, but because I feel like the acting is more genuine and believable from Taylor Lautner's efforts as Jacob. I truly want Bella to end up with Jacob because he is so much more real and better for her. Never thought the day would come.

Now I'm off to decide whether to read Harry Potter again, or the Chronicles of Narnia because of the awesome previews for both that I saw the other night. Hmmm....tough choices!


  1. You know I totally LOVE TEAM MICHAEL! And that the only team I will truly be a part of. Love you!