Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Happily Ever After Young Women's Camp

Things that happened at Cache Stake's Young Women's Camp 2010...

The girls were all ready to go!

And so were the leaders!

First and Third years ready for a 3 mile hike...

Silly face by Jordynne.

Silly face by Darby.

Beautiful smile by Kenzie.

They survived!

We saw many butterflies...

And survived a crazy storm with hurricane force winds that only lasted about 5 minutes.
Our canopy didn't make it though.

Damage to other wards.

Another lost canopy.

One of the 2 trees that were downed by the storm. Can't doubt the divine intervention that cause that tent, and its owner to remain unharmed.

The girls performed an AMAZING skit about keeping standards high. Centered around our ward's theme of Rapunzel and not dating until 16.

We had several impatient suitors (baker, painter, and telephone caller).

And Rapunzel wouldn't date them until she was 16.

Our knight in shining armor riding his "donkey", waiting to come back and go on a date with the fair Rapunzel who was to turn 16 the next day.

Darby, the "Voodoo" queen...spreading a storm around. Blew Shelby, our "pimped out tree" over.

The knight returns with flowers and is rewarded for patience along with Rapunzel for keeping their standards high!

We played Ninja Destruction along with many other games. I think I'll forever have "Boomba" stuck in my head.

We relaxed in the shade.

We modge-podged!

Drank LOTS of water...

Had water balloon fights/games.

Made more silly faces.

Read scriptures, bore our testimonies, prayed, and felt the Spirit SO strongly!

Enjoyed warm fires while roasting marshmallows, making S'Mores,...

And jamming to good music provided by Vicky on her uke, me on my guitar, and our new friend Paige who was just learning the uke.

(Vicky and I actually played a special musical number of "I Am a Child of God" for the stake testimony meeting on Thursday night. It was beautiful and a pleasure to play with such an awesome girl!)

What an wonderful experience for ALL who attended. It was great to be there as a leader, I know that I learned more about myself and especially about the girls I'm able to associate with each week in my calling. They are beautiful, divine daughters of our Heavenly Father and I feel privileged that He trusts me to be an example and to know them. Young Women's Camp was a blessing and I know the girls were touched in many ways by the Spirit. They are AWESOME!

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