Friday, July 30, 2010

New Haircut

So, I cut about 6 inches off my hair. It's been a long time coming.

First, I was keeping it long for our wedding a year ago in May. Then, I was keeping it long for my senior voice recital in March.

Now, I had nothing to tie me down to the length anymore. Plus, I just couldn't convince myself to keep it in the summer heat.

So...I chopped it off. Nothing TOO major as you can see. But you can also see how happy it has made me.

Cute, trendy, shorter, and totally me.

Lots of pictures. I may have gotten carried away and become camera happy during the documentation process. Oops!

And, as you've probably noticed, I freckle in the summer sun. Also, my natural highlights shine through. So grateful for never dyeing my hair. It's like magic each year :)


  1. I'm LOVING the new do, and what the heck, you don't die your hair? Lucky duck you.

  2. Thanks ladies, I love it too! And yes,'s true. No chemicals have ever touched this hair. Probably why it has stayed so healthy. All natural baby!

  3. This was a post that you never should have posted...mainly because I've been wanting to get a new style and chop the length too. Problem is I wanted to donate it, but it's not quite long enough. :(

    Super cute and I love that those highlights are totally natural!