Monday, August 09, 2010

"Berry" Good Find

After my run today, I walked out in our backyard to water our plants.
While I was out there, I found some beautiful blackberries on a bush by our neighbor's apartment fence.

We've noticed the bushes growing for some time, and we've also noticed they've looked a bit unkempt. So, we're not sure if the people who originally planted the bushes are still living in the apartments next door.

Either way, there are quite a few bushes, and you know how berries can produce A LOT throughout the summer. These few blackberries were perfectly ripe, and I've not seen anybody out there tending or picking them, so I figured I'd pick them instead of letting them ruin!

They are juicy and tart, yet slightly sweet. I'm so excited to savor my favorite berry this week. Maybe if we are able to continue enjoying this find throughout the rest of the summer, I'll make some blackberry ice cream. Yum!

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