Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding of an MT

Just the other weekend, my fellow MT (music therapy major) and friend, Brianna married!

Isn't she stunning? Brianna just finished her internship for music therapy in Arizona, and is now back in Utah, beginning a new phase of her life. Personally, I think it is the BEST and most REWARDING adventure!

He is a graduate of BYU, and she is a graduate of USU. Interesting, yet a perfect match!

The night was gorgeous, with an outdoor garden reception at her parent's home in Bountiful. They made their grand exit on her new hubby's motorcycle. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Congratulation to the new Mr. and Mrs. Alley!


  1. HELLOOOOO!!!! I didn't even know she was engaged!! And yes, she does look gorgeous! Beautiful gown! Do you know where in AZ she did her internship? We need to get that girl on the MT blog Carrie started so we can all keep in contact and up to date with each other. The motorcycle is pretty sweet too!

  2. She was beautiful, for sure! I can't remember the internship location, all I know is that it was hospital related. It was perfect for her, I remember she was so excited about it. :)