Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dream Home(s)

I took pictures of these homes when I was in Louisiana a couple summers back. They are what constitutes my dream home(s). Colonial style, with either red brick or white siding. Some with front porches. All with beautiful yards and foliage.

It's nice to dream/scheme of what might be, someday!

Love the driveway and french door style windows. I miss the HUGE oak trees and crepe myrtles of the South.

Love the pillars and the white pillared pergola on the side. And the window flower boxes on the second floor.

Love the side porch and pergola around. And all those windows with dark green shutters.

Love the large front porch. Perfect for sitting outside in the evenings in a rocking chair, sipping ice cold lemonade.

I grew up LOVING this house. It is owned by a family friend and prominent lawyer in the community. Love the red brick contrasted by green shutters. And the red brick steps up to the entryway with pillars. And the covered side porch. I could go on and on. This is my ultimate dream house and one which I refer back to whenever I hope for the future.

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