Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Couch Pillows

Lately, Michael and I have become frustrated with the state of our couch pillows. I bought them on a good deal at Ross, but who knew they could fall apart and that the fibers would catch and pull out like that?

So I decided instead of simply buying new pillows, I would make some myself! I researched it on the internet and my friend Dani and I got together one day to make use of her new sewing machine. (She also had a project to make some decorative pillows for her and her husband's bed).

Here's the before:

Not bad at all. This is in our apartment in Layton, so a bit different setup. But back to the pillows, we really like the look of everything, they were just falling apart!

And after:

I decided to go with a nice light green because our living room was greatly lacking in that area. I used the existing filler from the old pillows to make the 18X18 pillows. I bought some PolyFill and fabric quarters on sale at Joann's and made the blue 13X19 pillow in the middle.

Granted this is my first attempt at sewing pillows, so they are FAR from perfect, but I think they look nice for my maiden voyage. Michael was even impressed. I'm in the crafty mood a lot lately and this project got me itching to do more. Also, I'm craving my own sewing machine too. That's another thing for the wish list!


  1. I love it and I love you too! What a coincidence friend! :)

  2. I'm so behind, but great job on the pillows, I like the green a lot better! Sewing is lots of fun, you should put a sewing machine on your Christmas list. :) If Michael needs any help he can always ask me or Marlene and we'll find you a good machine. It's a necessity!! :) Happy sewing!