Monday, April 25, 2011

The next two weeks...

There are so many things happening in this lil' family of ours. I feel like I should write them down on here so I can wrap my head around them. Basically a blogger checklist of sorts. So, here I go.
  • Phone interview this afternoon with Big Bend Hospice for my music therapy internship.
  • Pick up graduation announcements. Mail graduation announcements.
  • Practice for French final skit/presentation tonight after off work. 
  • French final skit/presentation Tuesday morning.
  • Michael's induction into Beta Gamma Sigma Tuesday night.
  • Final Practicum Presentation Thursday afternoon.
  • Compile all materials for Michael's birthday party on Friday night.
  • Throw Michael an AMAZING party on Friday night!
  • Work on Saturday afternoon. (Missing Young Women's annual chili and pie cook-off fundraiser for camp. Boo.)
  • Figuring out my dad's estate on Tuesday...finally. Fingers crossed please, this has been a source of stress and worry for my family. Estates are always so difficult. It's insane how people get crazy over these issues. I'm just ready for it to all be figured out, hopefully smoothly and without more stress than there already has been.
  • Developmental Psych final on Tuesday. 
  • Young Women's Tuesday night. 
  • Head down to Centerville to help my mother in her search for a temple dress for my soon to be sis-in-law!
  • Yearly "girl" exam on Thursday. Yeehaw. 
  • Michael's graduation on Friday afternoon.
  • My graduation on Saturday morning/afternoon.
  • Entertain family and in-laws during grad weekend. That will actually be super fun! Bring on the nieces and nephews.
Whew! We're busy here at the Black household. Not to mention my sis-in-law is in the hospital with some complications regarding her pregnancy. Please keep her in your prayers. It's going to be a long road ahead these next few weeks. 


  1. My favorite comment was your "yeehaw" one about the yearly "girl" exam -- the thing that every woman just loves......NOT! Made me chuckle!

  2. You guys have such a busy week! Good luck with everything.