Friday, April 01, 2011

Oh, Quilts...

First things first, I love many things as I'm sure you've noticed. And apart from food, which you all know I love, I love decorating my home and making it warm, cozy, and welcoming. One of the things that I see that emanates all three of those qualities is a quilt. It's homey, comforting, and just exudes the phrase, "Come on in and get cozy!"

In my dream guest bedroom, I picture a white wrought iron bed, with white sheets and a pretty quilt on top. Sheer curtains to let the sunlight in, and a little side table with an old-fashioned wind-up clock and books all around. The perfect little getaway. 

As I was perusing the Pottery Barn website the other day (Note To Self: Bad idea. Should not visit that site so often. Dangit, I ordered two of their catalogs. I need help.), I couldn't help but click right on over to the bedding section, specifically the quilt section. So much beauty there that I just had to share some of my favorites with you.

Bloomie Patchwork Quilt

 Breton Patchwork Quilt

 Colebrook Patchwork Quilt

 Nadine Patchwork Quilt

Nila Patchwork Quilt

Looking over these, I could actually see them in different locations in my home. Like in a little girl's room, or even in my master bedroom. There are so many possibilities. Hmmm... now I want to curl up and get all snuggly in those sheets and quilts with a good book. Someday!

I'm curious, which ones do you like best? And also, are there any other quilt enthusiasts out there? Or am I just really old-fashioned?

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  1. Breton and Nadine are the two I like more, but Nadine is probably my favorite. But then you probably figured that out about me already. I love quilts, too! They just make everything look warm, cozy and inviting. And, of course, I love the old-fashioned look and feel of them. Love, love, LOVE quilts and what they do to my overall mood.