Friday, April 22, 2011

We're graduating!

This is the cute little announcement Michael and I made for our graduation! It's nothing special, but we figured we wanted to send something out to our loved ones so they could celebrate this joyous occasion with us. We are officially going to be "grownups" in a couple weeks. Feels good and a bit scary. 

We pretty much see ourselves as a super couple. I mean, look at that, Michael with a Masters degree and I with two Bachelors degrees. I think we have room to be a little proud of our accomplishments (just not too proud)!

Check your mail in the next week and you may see one of these cuties. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in this journey throughout the years. Your support and friendship has meant the world to us! Love you!


  1. Congrats!!!! What an accomplishment!

  2. Yay! I love your announcement! And I love you're graduating with TWO degrees and your hubby with a masters! You guys are amazing! Good luck being grown-ups :)

  3. Love these. They are so cute. Felt a bit bittersweet looking at them, though. I wish your dad could have lived to see this. He would have been so proud. I know he is smiling from the other side of the veil. So proud of and happy for you. I'll be there will bells on!

  4. I love your announcement. You two are so cute.