Monday, April 11, 2011

Sign of Spring

Found this daffodil in our front flower bed today. The weather is slightly cool, breezy, and sunny; so I've opened up all the doors and windows (that don't have shrink wrap still on them) and I'm letting the breezes flow!

This bright flower is a sign of the wonderful things to come in the next few weeks....spring! Then, summer. Which I must admit, I LOVE summers in Logan. It appears that we will still be here for it (although who really knows, things can change in one blink) and that means we have so many exciting things to look forward to. Lying in the grass, camping, planting flower and vegetable gardens, and soaking in the sun. 

I am most definitely a fan of sunshine. Makes me happy. I get high on my daily dose of Vitamin D. Let's hope this warm weather (50 degrees and above) stays and I can continue to enjoy being outside while the world around me blooms and starts anew!

1 comment:

  1. I love your picture. And I LOVE summers in Logan. Some of my favorite times were during summers in Logan.