Monday, June 27, 2011

An Evening Up The Canyon

We went down to Salt Lake this past weekend to spend some time with Michael's family. Normally, we would be going down anyway for the once-a-month Sunday dinner with the family, but Michael's parents are currently in Israel. Even though they weren't there we still needed a little time with family and break from Logan, so we headed down and enjoyed some summer festivities.

Apart from making cake balls with Janessa (which were so rich and something I will share later this week), and just lounging around the house, soaking up the free AC and food; we tagged along with Michael's sister Tina and her family up Millcreek Canyon on Saturday night. We had a little campfire, and roasted some marshmallows to make s'mores. It was relaxing and fun. And seeing as I had never been up that canyon before, I was able to take in all the beauty. It truly is gorgeous up there!

Here's my first example of beauty: my man chopping up some firewood. He's so good...looking!

 We also made a few discoveries along the way, like this awesome ant carrying a leaf that was easily twice it's size. I always marvel at the sheer strength and determination of God's little creatures. I'm pretty sure R. and I stared at this ant for a good 5 minutes while others were packing things up to go home.

Isn't she just so fun and cute? This is my youngest niece, Baby S., and she is a hoot! Mommy and Daddy had bought McDonald's for easy eating up the canyon, and she was just enjoying walking around with her cup, sucking on that straw. When she wasn't taking sips, she was exploring all around the campsite. The two of us girls actually went on a little hike up some stairs and into other people's campgrounds. She'd run up to them and look all excited, then stop dead in her tracks because she didn't know anybody. But we'd wave and move on to check out the "wahdah", which is "water". This girl is just so cute. She cracks me up!

Michael's amazing fire, which he made with only "one match". That actually translates into he actually made it with only one flick of the lighter. Good job hubby. :)

And lastly, Leland (Michael's youngest brother) helped these girls climb up the mountain just by our campsite. The ground was a little unstable and I'm pretty sure Leland was thinking "What did I get myself into?" when the girls wanted to climb up again and again. Janessa was a huge help getting them down safely. R. was so proud of herself for climbing up to this really high spot and holding on. Of course we had to take a picture because these little girls were giggling the whole time!

It was so much fun and we loved just spending a simple evening out in nature with family. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love the summertime!

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  1. Looks so fun! I think you have such a great way of writing. I love it.