Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Wedding of Natalie and Michael ROUGEAU

 Aren't they beautiful?!? The wonderful Jane Egan Huddleston (of Janey Pie Photography), who happens to be the bride's sister, took all the photos and she did an amazing job as usual.

I love all these photos. It makes me so proud to have our family grow and be connected to such a wonderful, talented, and beautiful family. Not only do I have one new Rougeau sister, but I also feel like I have 3 new sisters in the Egans! And the fact that Emily is one of them is a super bonus.

 "Sisters...sisters...there were never such devoted sisters...!"

 Such a manly picture.

 The classic jump shot. Man, those boys (especially my man) can sure get some air!

They are such a cute and happy couple. It was just perfect being able to spend so much time around the both of them this past week and see more of their love and relationship continuing to grow and strengthen. I know they will be happy together, video games, Lord of the Rings, and all.

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  1. I love all of the pics! Michael's wife is so so pretty. CONGRATS!