Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unlikely and Unusual

Just a little something to show you how the wedding reception went down this past weekend. Erika of DRY Ink Photography was there to take some rather interesting pictures in a makeshift photo booth. As you can see, our little group of 4 took advantage of the props and you now have this picture before you.

I can't begin to imagine what kind of story could be created from this photo. Michael is the guitar playing "Dick Tracy" type. I'm a makeshift matador/amigo. Morgan looks Californian and almost Jason Mraz-ish. And Hunter is the happily lost looking pilot from one of the World Wars.

I love this photo so much because it's our entire crew of crazy people that drove over 27 hours from Utah to Louisiana for the blessed event. I think our expressions and costumes accurately depict what a week's worth of driving, eating on the road, sleeping on air mattresses/futons, and getting in a fight with a bunch of bamboo will do to you.

In the words of Morgan, Michael, Hunter and me as we constantly repeated to stay awake..."Yeehaw. Oh dear, DEER! Blah blah blah. There once was a farmer...sweet violets! Dang straight. Yeeeah Girl, You know! Roll Tide." (That last statement was in reference to Alabama, but from Hunter, not myself. Geaux Tigers.)

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