Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wild Poppies

 What a find! Michael and I were invited by our friends the Satchwells to attend their ward campout for dinner last night. The drive up to the site was out near Tremonton and as we were passing one home, we saw that the entire yard was filled with these pretty red tulip-looking flowers!

On our way back home, we noticed another huge patch of them off the side of the road and so we stopped to pick some. Turns out they are wild poppies! Dani and I gathered huge handfuls to put in vases on our tables. Aren't they just beautiful?

I have never seen wild poppies anywhere, and I would have never thought they would make an appearance in Cache Valley Utah. Maybe all the rain we've had has something to do with it? But maybe it happens every year up in the mountains. All I know is that I'd love to live in that house we passed by, an entire yard full of bright red-orange poppies. Talk about happiness every time you look out the window or step on your porch!

Anyway, here's a little color to brighten your day. It sure has made mine that much more cheerful. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who places such beauty on the earth and little surprises like this to remind me of His love. Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend!


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous! LOVE them! Just a word of caution, I have no idea what the law in UT is, but I know it's illegal to pick wildflowers in TX and in AZ. In Texas people can't even mow the wildflowers down, so that the flowers can re-seed and come back next year. You may just want to double-check that. :) Love them though!

  2. Thanks Brianne. I checked, and it isn't illegal to pick wildflowers in Utah, or even Texas. It's actually a common myth that the State Highway Patrol in TX gets asked every year. Apparently, you can't trespass to pick, and it's illegal to cause damage to the property, and it's illegal to walk on the highways or shoulders of highways, or obstruct the highway with your car if you stop, but the actual picking of wildflowers (bluebonnet esp.) is not illegal. Interesting!