Saturday, May 14, 2011

8 happy things

This is just a little list of things that have happened lately to make me happy. Why the number 8? Not sure, but just wanted to share them with ya!

  1. I ran OUTSIDE the other day. For 3 miles. And my lungs weren't burning.
  2. I pulled out the summer clothes and put away the winter ones today.
  3. I put on a pair of summer shorts and they were looser on me than the last time I wore them. Which means I really have lost weight!
  4. We were finally able to take the shrink wrap off the windows this week. I opened the house and just let it all air out.
  5. I planted flowers in pots and in my flower beds at our apartment. And got some sun in the process. 
  6. Played soccer with my young women and it was really one of the best and most fun activities they said we've ever had. Sometimes simple is the way to go!
  7. Had a bonfire up the canyon. First dutch oven of the summer. With gooey s'mores. 
  8. Sang karaoke tonight with some ladies from our ward. It was a good time!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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