Friday, May 27, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

Michael and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary on Saturday and we can't be more excited! Since we are always in the process of being frugal, yet being creative so as to make events like this special, we have decided to stay home and grill up an amazing dinner for ourselves. Not only does staying home save us some dough, but it also ensures that our food is healthy and cooked exactly the way we want it to be!

 After some research, and a little planning; here are our plans for a special anniversary dinner. 

Pork Roast just happened to be on sale last weekend and I couldn't resist purchasing some as I have looked at this recipe for a long time in the OBB cookbook. What's more summer than skewers, with a little kick from some curry and cayenne?

Grilled Green Beans from Better Homes and Gardens.

Just like the pork roast, fresh green beans were also on a great sale last weekend. So, I picked up some of those too. I've grilled asparagus, romaine, and assorted fruits, but I've never grilled green beans before. I am looking forward to trying out this particular recipe. The combo of lemon, garlic, and jalapeno should be amazing!

I just discovered this blog the other day in a search for something to do with the large amount of bananas and apples that Michael's mom gave us last weekend. Cheryl is a genius on fashion, traveling, and definitely on food. I had never thought of making a crumble with apples AND bananas. But it sounds brilliant and incredibly appetizing. There is a recommendation for a vanilla cream sauce as a topper, but I'm thinking we'll admit that so we don't sacrifice those extra calories. I'd rather have more of a fresh focus on the fruit anyway.

So that's what we have planned so far. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can do something fun outside in the evening. I'm thinking listening to some live jazz at Citrus and Sage sounds like a good idea.

What are your special plans for this Memorial Day weekend? Or what do you like to do for your anniversary celebrations (when they come around each year)? 

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  1. Second anniversary already? No way! Congratulations, you two!