Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fare-thee-well Utah State!

Wow! Can't believe this is real!

Michael and I had a wonderful weekend of graduation. My mom, and his parents came to both our ceremonies and we had a grand ole time. We celebrated the fact that Michael is now "Master" Black. And I now have two bachelor's degrees.
It was very nice and the weather was perfect. Here are some highlights from the weekend!

 Michael making "the walk" to the Spectrum with his class.
Doesn't he look smarter already?

 The hooding ceremony. It's official now!

Michael's ceremony was on Friday and mine was on Saturday. So we were both able to attend and watch each other walk. It was perfect and so fun to cheer for him.
 My walk across the quad and to the Spectrum with my fellow music therapy and College of Arts people!

 Silliness with all our music therapy peeps. We've spent so many hours working towards this day, we tend to get a little crazy!

Sorry it's overexposed (bad lighting), but I still love this picture of me and Arianne. She is my fellow crazy double major. This girl helped me through it all. I love her more than words can say!

I call this my "can you believe it?" face. 

With Michael, my good looking and super supportive husband. Oh, and notice the pink shoes. They're my favorite. 

All in all, it was wonderful and I'm excited and nervous for the future. We are that much closer to being real grownups now. Yay!

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