Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On My Mind

 Just been thinking, planning, and scheming more and more lately about Tallahassee. Guess I'm anxious and really looking forward to our move there. Even though we're not super sure when we're going to move, I've been searching out apartments, wards, and other general info that will prepare us for the day when we load up our cars/truck/trailer (whatever we decide to use to transport stuff out there) and make the over 2,000 miles a.k.a 36 hours trip down there. 

It's exciting to have a change of scenery. We'll be leaving the dry desert with snowy winters for tropical weather and sandy beaches. It'll be Michael's first experience living in the South. I wonder how that's going to be for him. Maybe he'll pick up the accent. We all know mine will surely come back in a short amount of time. Which I'm really looking forward to actually :)

Nonetheless, I just wanted to share a few facts and bits of info about our soon-to-be new home.

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and in the panhandle area. You can see it right up there near Georgia's Southwest border.  We are surrounded by water. Namely the Gulf of Mexico. 

 We have beaches just about an hour's drive away. Some are quieter and less "party" beaches than others. But no matter what, white sand and turquoise water are not too far away! I'm ready for some sunbathing and warm waters. And I've always wanted to do Yoga on a beach, maybe this will be my opportunity to try it!

 Look at all that green! I'll admit that the green is what I really miss about the South. I love Utah's mountains and the pretty snow, but my heart has always longed for more trees and lots of green grass and flowers that you find everywhere in the South.

Again, look at those trees and the green. I've missed the Oak trees that cover the roads like a canopy. Isn't that just a beautiful drive with the Spanish Moss draping down over the branches? I can see us taking morning and evening walks just looking at all the beauty around us. (And maybe an occasional slow Sunday drive!)

 Here's something that's going to take getting used to after 5 years here in Utah. Our closest temple is in Orlando, over 4 hours away. No longer will we have one just 5 minutes down the road, being able to attend a session whenever we want to. We'll have to make serious plans to attend a session, possibly filling a weekend with a few sessions just to catch up for the lack of close access. Course, my experience of growing up hours away from the nearest temple, did teach me to appreciate it more. I think this will be good for us. And as I've never been inside this temple (only viewed it from the outside), it will be exciting to see and to feel the Spirit there. 

That is always one of my favorite things about the gospel, it is true wherever you go. There are always people around who become like your family because of the same exact beliefs. We have a home wherever we stand. We're so looking forward to getting back to the mission field, and growing close to the Saints in Tallahassee. It will be a blessing in our lives, I know it.

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