Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

 We enjoyed a fun and eventful Memorial Day with friends and loved ones. Michael and I spent the morning lounging in bed, maybe for a bit too long, but it felt good! Then we went shoe shopping and did some errand running before the party we threw in the evening. 

We invited our new friends and neighbors, the Hadleys (Scott and Holly), over to join us, along with a few more friends. It was nice to get together and just have a day off to play. We definitely made the best of it...even though the weather would not quite cooperate for us to be outside the entire time!

I just want to give you a peek at what went down last night, making for a very fun and successful Memorial Day Party!

 There was some grill action. Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Pineapple. Yum yum.

We played Kinect Sports, as usual. It's so fun when everyone gets competitive even when it comes to bowling. Watching Michael and Scott duke it out on boxing was incredibly entertaining to watch. 
Once the weather cleared up, we donned our coats and went outside for a nice game of pétanque (in other countries referred to as bocce ball or boules). It was intense! I loved seeing the competitive and silly sides of everyone come out when we played. Hunter and Camille were on a team and he kept telling her to "clean it up"! Apparently, she was the finisher and a better player that he professed to be. And Scott would just fall over laughing when Holly would throw the ball badly. Then she'd tackle him. See? Funny!

Of course we finished the night off with another intense game, Pictionary. It was boys vs. girls this time, although the women were out numbered by one. Sadly, the boys were victorious, but I feel a rematch coming on in the future.

We really enjoyed ourselves last night and talked about how much we enjoy our friends and getting to know new people. We are really enjoying spending time with the Hadleys. Who knew they were so funny and that Scott was such a joker? Seriously, I laughed SO HARD last night because of some of the things he did or said with Holly. I love good friends and a good holiday which gives us a time and reason to spend with those we care about and remember those who sacrificed so much for our country. We are truly blessed to have freedom as a result of their efforts. I love the United States and the opportunities that are before me each and every day. God Bless America!

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