Sunday, May 01, 2011

A French Birthday

I decided to make this special birthday a French theme because Michael loves France and as a result, so do I! I planned all the particulars for months with the help of my friend Natalie (fellow Six Star employee). We brainstormed and thought of all sorts of fun ideas, games and general mayhem. I think this party was the most fun I've ever had planning and executing. I'll admit, my main source of inspiration came from Stephmodo, one of my favorite blogs. She threw a similarly themed "Paris" birthday party for one of her children last year. I loved every bit of it, so I knew this was the perfect theme for Michael!

We dined on crêpes with bananas, nutella, strawberries, and whipped cream. Then I made an equally wonderful assiette du fromages (cheese platter). There was sliced baguette (and Triscuit) topped with either a choice of brie, emmental, havarti, chèvre, and a sharp white cheddar. 

Everything was labeled all cute and nice. I'm still enjoying the leftover cheese and crackers. I think the party favorites were the havarti and chèvre, because we had none left at the end. I personally loved the havarti and emmental. The brie...well I always relate it to the smell of an elderly person's home. It's something I'll eat, but I don't love. 

 There was also a game of "Pin the Béret on the Donkey". Michael turned me all around and faced me in the wrong direction. It was apparently HILARIOUS to everyone in the room. And if you see that smile on Michael's face, you can tell he loved it too. Glad I could make everyone laugh with my wandering... :) Bryant was the clear winner and received "French" Fries as his prize!

 Beautiful Camille. 

 We then had an Eiffel Tower building contest out of pipe cleaners. They look pretty cool huh? Andy was the winner and I forgot to give him a prize. Oops. It was going to be "French's" mustard or "French" fried onions.

 And then there was the "Show Us Your Best Mona Lisa Face" Contest. Here are some of the entries:

Dani was the obvious winner. If you look up the real thing, you'll be impressed, trust me. She received a can of "French" cut green beans. Seeing a theme here?

 We then sang "Happy Birthday" to Michael, watched the Disney version of Three Musketeers (I love Tim Curry and Oliver Platt), and just enjoyed ourselves in the French atmosphere for the rest of the evening. Fun and successful party? Bien sur!

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